Wave Alchemy Essence MULTIFORMAT

Introducing ESSENCE – A vast, diverse collection of all-new beautifully crafted drum samples, synths and sound design tools for the modern producer.

ESSENCE is a strictly time limited release for Black Friday 2021. This collection will cease to exist and never again be available after December 10th, or once 2,000 licenses have been sold – whichever comes first!

Delivering 10 (yes 10!) brand new sample packs – impeccably recorded, designed and curated by our award-winning sound design team – ESSENCE serves up a diverse portfolio of 7,500 creatively processed modern drum samples, epic cinematic sound effects, dusty foley drums and organic percussion, lush synth multi-samples, lo-fi SP-1200 drums, the deepest bass one shots, quirky drum machines & rhythm boxes, creative sound design tools and much more – alongside WAV versions and feature-rich Ableton Live Packs for each of the 10 included sample packs…

Check out the audio demos to the left. ALL sounds are from ESSENCE!

What’s included in ESSENCE?

You’ll get access to ALL the following 10 new sample packs (7,500 samples):

Foley Drums

500 creatively designed Found Sound and Foley Drums, lovingly processed through boutique analogue gear. Expect to find creative organic percussion, layered lo-fi kicks, dusty stacked snares, blips & pops, sticks & clicks, unique sound design and all manner of inspirational layered Foley drums for modern music production! An essential treasure trove of creative tools…

Cinema Drums

Breathtaking epic cinematic drums and percussion. A world where creative acoustic drums and large percussion swim in lush reverbs and expansive spaces.

Expect to find thrilling snares and kicks, monstrous mallets, strikes and stomps, orchestral drums, gongs, bowed cymbals and otherworldly crashes, cinematic toms, organic percussion, group handclaps and more…

Midnight Drive

10 iconic synthesizers, 1,600 samples, 65 unique ready-to-play patches.

Midnight Drive delivers beautifully recorded multi-sampled patches from the most sought-after vintage and modern analogue synths in existence:

Minimoog Model D, Roland Juno-6, Juno-106, Jupiter 8, Korg MS-20, Moog One, Prophet 5, Prophet 6, Pro One, VCS3, Taurus Bass Pedals and more…

Expect to find chunky basses, divine pads, soaring leads, lush strings, chords and everything in between. All captured through a-grade analogue gear, and ready-to-play in your DAW!

Sound Effects Suite

An exhilarating collection of forward-thinking sound effects for modern music production, cinematic sound design and game audio!

Expect to find 200 colossal impacts, cinematic collisions, hair-raising risers, bottomless falls, explosive breakdowns, monstrous braams, mutated cymbals, transitions, creative noise tools and much more!

Amp Drums

An entirely new, creative approach to drum sampling.

A diverse collection of electronic drum samples and percussion recorded through vintage bass / guitar amps, beautiful sounding acoustic drum rooms and live spaces; all captured with vintage, sought-after microphones via a custom Neve desk.

The result – A truly unique collection of hybrid, electro-acoustic drum samples that blur the line human and machine. A truly unique collection!

808 Bass

A hard-hitting collection of 808 bass one shots and ready-to-play instruments for modern music production.

Unlike most 808 bass sample packs, each 808 has been designed with a long decay (looped and instantly playable). Each sound was created from the ground up (no sampling here!) using analogue and modular synths, a real TR-808 and more. We even recorded some of the sounds through real bass amps for a unique tone not found elsewhere. All sounds have been recorded through boutique outboard gear, both clean and via a dirty analogue tube saturation chain for serious grit!

Analog RYTM Drums

Capturing the unique sonic character of one of our favourite drum machines of all time – the Elektron Analog RYTM.

Our goal was the deliver the most versatile, well curated collection of drum hits ever recorded from this modern classic. The result – 1,500 beautifully designed, hard-hitting analogue drum samples.

Each sound has been carefully recorded using a unique, high-end signal chain to capture the depth and character of the original machine; all tastefully processed on a sound-by-sound basis using a boutique selection of analogue outboard gear.

Bass One shots

100 creative bass one shots for modern music production, all ready-to-play in your favorite sampler…

Expect to find gritty analogue synth bass, epic live hybrid brass sections, designed bass guitars, the deepest subs, cinematic bass stabs, and much more!

Acoustic Machine

The Linndrum that never existed…

Classic digital drum machines such as the Linn LM-1 or Oberheim DX are a staple in the history of electronic music. Our goal with Acoustic Machine was to capture the sonic vibe and essence of these classic machines, but with brand new sounds.

We set off by visiting one of the finest drum rooms in the world. Here we carefully recorded several unique acoustic drum kits, a plethora of Latin percussion instruments, blocks, bells, handclaps and more – all to analogue tape.

Next, we sourced a modified EMU SP-1200 sampler and passed all the drums through its gritty converters, recording eight SP-1200 pitch variations (truly dirty!), and 9 varying SP-1200 analogue filter levels per sound. The result – 2,500 brand new drums that deliver the vibe and feel of yesteryear!

Mini Pops 7 Drums

A rare vintage analogue drum machine from the 60’s, made famous by Jean-Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygen’. We sourced a beautifully restored Mini Pops 7 and set out to capture this machine in true Wave Alchemy style; each sound with multiple round robins and 3 varying levels of unique analogue tube saturation. The true sound of a piece of history.

At a glance

  • 10 brand new Sample Packs in 24-bit Wav format
  • 7,500 24-bit wav, 100% royalty free samples
  • 3 GB (6 GB including Ableton Packs) of creatively produced sample content
  • Ready to Play sampler patches for Ableton Live, Logic EXS-24 and Kontakt


Demo Preview: