W.A. Production MultiBender v1.5.0 WIN

W.A. Production MultiBender v1.5.0 WIN

W.A. Production MultiBender v1.5.0 WIN

Let’s face it, you already own a delay plugin… probably more than one. That’s awesome, but you haven’t heard anything like Multibender.

With delicious multi-band processing and 4 (count ‘em) simultaneous delay modules, Multibender is your tempo-synced solution to creative delay processing. Conjure intricate percussion patterns, wild ping-pong synths and grooving leads with just a few clicks, or less if you use one of the inspirational presets. Each individual delay band has bespoke effects to transform boring keys into wobbly vintage progressions, or tighten up your flabby bass parts with distortion and saturation for dance-floor domination.

For truly epic delays, here are the facts behind this groove-tastic effect:

Multiband Madness

The delay processing is split into 3 separate modules, linked to the standard delay controls at the top of the interface, although they can all be adjusted independently. Drag the crossover points in the waveform display to quickly set up the frequency ranges of the 3 bands. Then choose a delay time (including dotted and triplet feel), feedback level and gain adjustment for each. This means that you can have a short delay for your low end and longer ones for mids and highs to send them bouncing around the room. On and off buttons for each band allow you to disable any unwanted processing, just in case you want to keep your bass line tight or mid-range clean.

Saturate, Crush & Detune

Standard delays for each of the 3 bands sound complex and expansive, but you can push the effect to the limit with 3 effects for each band. These run completely independently of one another and include saturation, bitcrush and detuning. Apply as much or as little of each process as you like to create different kinds of audio effect. Try introducing sparkling highs with saturated harmonics in the upper frequency range. Detune the midrange delay for a wavering analogue feel in the body of the sound. Make your bass line scream with crushed low end.