Truefire Joe Bonamassa’s Blues-Rock Masterclass TUTORIAL

Truefire Joe Bonamassa's Blues-Rock Masterclass TUTORIAL

Truefire Joe Bonamassa’s Blues-Rock Masterclass TUTORIAL

One of today’s top live performers, Joe Bonamassa, has redefined the blues-rock genre with twenty-four #1 Billboard Blues Albums (more than any other artist in history!) and two Grammy nominations to his credit.

We’re very proud to announce that Joe has chosen TrueFire to collaborate with on the production of his very first series of guitar instructional products.

In this Blues-Rock Masterclass, Joe uses 10 of his songs as the guitar lesson framework for sharing his creative approaches, key influences, and techniques for crafting rhythm guitar parts, improvising solos, performing, and writing songs.

”We’ll be working with the actual tracks from my studio recordings, but I’ve filmed new rhythm and lead guitar parts to make them distinctive and give them more of a live vibe to better serve the lessons in this course.

For each song, you’ll have rhythm and lead guitar performance videos with multi-angle views and close-ups of both hands. I’ll not only show you how to play key parts of each song, but I’ll also share many of the rhythm guitar and soloing techniques that I use all of the time, on stage and in the studio.”

You’ll learn a wide range of rhythm and lead guitar techniques as Joe Bonamassa breaks down the songs he selected for this Blues Rock Masterclass for guitar: Blue And Evil, Bridge To Better Days, Dislocated Boy, Last Kiss, Lonesome Road Blues, Dust Bowl, The Ballad of John Henry, Story Of A Quarryman, Django, and Happier Times.

”Throughout the course, I’ll also demonstrate how my sound was influenced by some of the artists that inspired me as I was growing up. We’ll examine a few of the techniques and stylistic approaches I picked up from Danny Gatton, Eric Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck.

I’ll also walk you through the guitars and gear that I used in the production of this course and talk about The Snakebite, Tool #1, Bonnie Strat, my amp rig, and how I dial in my tone.”

All of the rhythm and lead guitar parts are tabbed, notated, and synced to the video performance. Using TrueFire’s guitar lesson tools, you can loop any section of a song and slow down any of the videos to learn the parts at your own pace. For guitar players just starting, there’s even an option to view an easy-chord scrolling guide, which is also synced to the video.

Ready to dig in? Grab your guitar and start your first lesson with Joe Bonamassa!

P.S. Want to play along with Joe and the band? Check out the Joe Bonamassa edition of In The Jam! You can mix, mute, or solo any of the parts of these same 10 Joe Bonamassa songs. You play the rhythm parts, and Joe will play the lead, or you take the lead, and Joe will play rhythm. If you sing or play bass, drums, keys — mute those tracks and jump in the mix.