Truefire Jeff McErlain’s Blues Soloing Guitar for Beginners 1 TUTORIAL

Truefire Jeff McErlain's Blues Soloing Guitar for Beginners 1 TUTORIAL

Truefire Jeff McErlain’s Blues Soloing Guitar for Beginners 1 TUTORIAL

The key to success when learning any style of music is having a strong foundation to build upon, which is the way most pro musicians learned to play when they were just starting out.

This first module of Jeff McErlain’s Blues Soloing for Beginners is designed to help you build that solid foundation and get you up and running quickly.

”Learning just one scale, a basic vocabulary of blues licks, and a few essential techniques are the fundamental building blocks you’ll need to start start soloing over a blues. You don’t need to learn theory, struggle through tedious exercises, or read music.

I’ll show you the single most important blues scale — the minor pentatonic. This simple, easy-to-learn 5-note scale has powered literally thousands of blues solos. We’ll work on the key blues soloing techniques including bending, vibrato, hammer-ons and pull-offs.

Using the pentatonic scale and these key techniques we’ll start building your vocabulary of blues licks, which you’ll learn how to connect and construct solos with.

What makes this course really special is how you’ll learn these fundamental building blocks for soloing — we’ll practice everything together!”

Each lesson begins with an overview and demonstration. You’ll practice together with Jeff using a slow playalong, and then you’ll play over a blues backing track for real-world musical context.

In the last section of the course, Jeff will touch on how to improvise your solos. You’ll play together with Jeff, over full-length blues backing tracks, trading solos back and forth to practice everything you worked on in the course.

You’ll get standard notation and tabs for all of the lessons. Plus, you’ll be able to use TrueFire’s learning tools to sync the tab and notation to the video lesson.

You can also loop or slow down the videos so that you can work with the lessons at your own pace. All of the backing tracks are included to work with on your own as well.

Grab your guitar and let’s learn how to solo with Jeff McErlain!