The Shapov Future Rave Producer Pack MULTIFORMAT

The Shapov Future Rave Producer Pack MULTIFORMAT

The Shapov Future Rave Producer Pack MULTIFORMAT

The freshest future rave and signature sounds by Russian ace producer Shapov.

Famed for his richly distinct and unique progressive sound, Russian DJ and producer Shapov continues to garner worldwide acclaim on account of his euphoric productions.

After collaborating with Axwell on the hit “Belong” Shapov cemented his reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative talents in dance music. In recent years, Shapov has collaborated with Armin Van Buuren on the critically acclaimed “Trilogy” EP, and Magnificence on “Unboring The Future,” delivering his unique blend of big-room and progressive influences to all corners of the globe.

Shapov’s debut producer pack is a milestone for us; being one of our LARGEST packs ever released. Stacked with samples and presets you’ve been needing to push the limits of your sound, The Future Rave Producer Pack is one of the defining producer offerings of 2021.


Get in the studio with Shapov and watch the wizard work on not one, but two songs in both his signature Progressive and Future Rave styles. Far more than your average production tutorial, this is an in-depth look and creating uplifting and anthemic music with an edge.

Total run time: 4 hr 40 min

Lesson chapters 8 total

  • Take a Tour of the Pack
    Meet Shapov, and take a tour of his momentous Producer Pack.
  • Progressive House Part 1
    Shapov cracks open the Progressive Pack to lay down his groove, and starts hashing out bassline, and melodies. Within 45 minutes he’s already writing the breakdown and has a sketch of the song underway.
  • Progressive House Part 2
    Shapov flushes out the arrangement, focusing on the synth plucks, transitions for flow, reverb fills, lead layering, all while adding essential emotion to the arrangement.
  • Progressive House Part 3
    The track is starting to take shape in a beautiful way. Shapov dials in the build up and adds complexity and detail to the track in the form of bass processing, compression, percussive embellishments and more.
  • Progressive House Part 4
    The final touches, mixing and mastering.
  • Future Rave Part 1
    Taking things in a darker direction, Shapov shows us around the Future Rave side of this pack and quickly pens in the catchy rhythmic melody that you’ve heard in the trailer video.
  • Future Rave Part 2
    Shapov quickly sketches out the build up, and turns his focus to the drop; filling it out with his signature drum work. Watch him process his pre-drop vocal, morphing it into a granular electronic texture.
  • Future Rave Part 3
    Don’t let him get in his zone…? Too late. In this 45 minute lesson, Shapov goes DEEP ending the tutorial with in-depth production of the percussion and synths to finish off this Future Rave release.


Upgrade your library with 600 samples from the pioneer of Future Rave. Each and every sample was created to instantly bring you the quality and inspiration you may have been missing to execute on your ideas. With this wide-ranging sample pack, you will find yourself with an abundance of sounds for all possible uses.


Save endless time searching for suitable Progressive and Future Rave presets. You’ll get access to 400 Diva Presets and 100 Serum Presets, making this the largest collection of presets EVER released.

A critical addition to your preset library as a producer, The Shapov Future Rave Producer Pack dwarfs offerings elsewhere on the web in both size and quality. If you aren’t using Diva yet, now is the time.

Project File

Daw: Logic Pro X

Access both of the Progressive and Future Rave project files Shapov created in the tutorial. Follow along on your own computer and learn to conquer the futuristic sound you’ve been searching for.


Logic Racks:

  • 61 x Future Rave instrument racks
  • 5 x Future Rave processing racks
  • 1 x Future Rave mastering rack
  • 17 x Progressive Bus racks
  • 72 x Progressive instrument racks
  • 65 x Presets from Shapov Releases


  • 17 x MIDI starters
  • 1 x Bonus MIDI project file