Sonic Academy Tech Tips Vol. 68 with Protoculture TUTORIAL

Tech Tips Vol. 68 with Protoculture TUTORIAL

Sonic Academy Tech Tips Vol. 68 with Protoculture TUTORIAL

In this first tip we resample one of ANA 2’s presets and bring it back into the sample oscillator of the synth so we can then play with some different parameters and LFO’s to create a granular effect.

Following our recent Black Friday event, we’re guessing quite a few of you picked up our awesome plugins ANA 2 and Kick 2!

Hopefully, you’re having a blast with them, but here to help you have even more fun, Protoculture’s back with a set of tech tips showcasing some epic tips, tricks, and hacks to get even more sounds out of your software!

From unique playable bass patches in Kick 2 to granular effects, resampled pads, and randomised arps in ANA 2 – these set of tips open the door to a ton of new sound design techniques. There’s even a tuned playable theremin patch to create!

Go check it out!


  • Tutorial 674 – ANA 2 Resampling and Granular
  • Tutorial 675 – Side Chained Reverb in ANA 2
  • Tutorial 676 – ANA 2 Strum Mode
  • Tutorial 677 – Randomised Arps
  • Tutorial 678 – Punchy Bass Tricks
  • Tutorial 679 – Bass in Kick 2
  • Tutorial 680 – Snares in Kick 2
  • Tutorial 681 – Exporting Kits from Kick 2
  • Tutorial 682 – Practical Sound Design Part 1
  • Tutorial 683 – Practical Sound Design Part 2