Sick Noise Instruments NoizeClick v1.0 [VST3 AU WIN MAC]

Sick Noise Instruments NoizeClick v1.0 [VST3 AU WIN MAC]

Sick Noise Instruments NoizeClick v1.0 [VST3 AU WIN MAC]

NoizeClick is here.A brand new plugin by Sick Noise Instruments.Simple,Unique and Powerfull.
The best is that its free.Don’t waste time looking for kick samples when you can make your own kick easily and quickly.It made mostly for psytrance kicks but its possible to make kick for any genre even for hardcore.

NoizeClick is a single oscillator synthesizer and it produces Sine Wave.

It has 3 segments:
1.Click Zone
2.Effects Screen
3.Amp Control

In the click zone you design the kick you want. The click zone is a set of complex envelopes that
modulate pitch sinewave. You can control Start, Decay, Curve and add BOOST. In the Click zone you
have three fields. Click1.Click 2 and Click 3. Each of them controls pitch independently of the other
therefore each controls a certain frequency of the wave

The screen is very clear. In the middle of the screen there are knobs to control the effect, and in the
lower left corner there is a button to choose filter you likebut only when the filter is active. In the
lower right corner is marked in black the button for selecting the effect as well as for information
about the plugin


The filter is simple and enough to peak on your kick. It has low pass, high pass, band pass and band
reject. In the Filter you can control CUTOFF, Resonance and Gain.

Distortion is also simple but very powerful. With more distortion you can add a little texture to the
kick as well as make a hardcore kick.In the Distortion you can control DRIVE and SHAPE

At the lower end of the plug-in is an ADSR envelope, which can be used to control the amplitude of the kick.To control the tail for example, we can adjust the sustain and release. Also it can be contoled volume of output.

– Host software / DAW
– 1GB RAM, more recommended
– 10MB free disk space
– Modern CPU

– VST3 /64 bit(Windows)
– AUDIO UNIT (10.8 “Mountain Lion” or better).