In The Studio with Kinnerman TUTORIAL

In The Studio with Kinnerman

In The Studio with Kinnerman TUTORIAL

Learn how to beat creative block and get insider knowledge on Kinnerman’s signature sound using Ableton Live.

Making his debut for Toolroom Academy is Kinnerman; another tech house producer sending waves through the industry, his releases on Kaluki and Elrow have seen huge Beatport success. Gaining huge recognition in the music industry from the get-go with Solardo naming him as their ‘one to watch’ in 2017, and rightly so; his tracks have caused quite a stir amongst some of the biggest labels out there.

Kinnerman’s first release ‘Hip House’ on Elrow Music shot to the top of the charts and was followed up with ‘On The Drums’ on their Miami 2017 compilation. Quickly discovered by Josh Butler, one of his idols, Kinnerman then released ‘Tha Break’ on Origins Rcrds, and carried on to flourish with the big labels such as Kaluki, Toolroom, Mr Nice Guy and to even being hunted down by Steve Lawler to remix a track for his record label ‘Viva Music’.

We’re excited about this course which covers a very detailed breakdown on his creative process from start to finish using Ableton Live. Kinnerman shows you, in deep detail, how he creates his signature sound and how you can avoid the common pitfalls of production by pushing through creative blocks and continually experimenting with sound to see what works best.

Kinnerman introduces his course and explains his process of creating a track from start to finish using Ableton Live 9.

Starting with the drums, learn how you can use project templates to speed up workflow. Then start to build the drum section and chop up loops.

After the drums, it’s time for the bass. Learn about great freeware options, what plugins to use, finding the key and how to use midi mapping.

Drum Machines
Learn how to get fresh ideas and be creative using drum machines and watch how you can get away from the computer screen and be more creative.

Basic Arrangement
Watch Kinnerman dissect the track into sections, adding and removing parts to start to build the song and does what he calls “earballing” a mix.

Processing Sounds
Kinnerman talks about processing sounds using a mix of instruments and sonic tools to experiment and change sound.

Go in-depth with EQ and learn about removing low end, the dangers of over processing and even how to just sound in your own personal studio.

Go through the whole track adjusting sounds and elements, adding atmospheres and continue working on the breakdown sections of the song.

Moog and FX
Add new elements and FX using an outboard Moog synth and watch how you can transform it to supplement the drop sections.

Vocal Textures
Add a vocal scat sound from Rave Generator (FREE) and see how to find the right place in a track and learn about the importance of textures.

Outro Arrangement
Nearing the end of the track, Kinnerman discusses ways to finish your arrangements and what elements are important and the importance of feedback.

Mixing and Mastering
Kinnerman teaches you how he gets his tracks to the final mix stage without using heavy processing or leaving things to be fixed later.