In The Studio with Huxley Course

In The Studio with Huxley Course

In The Studio with Huxley Course

Over the last seven plus years, Huxley has excelled at many different styles, often ahead of the curve. He does well swung drums as well as bass, main room house and deeper, musically accomplished offerings that stir real emotion. Proof of that lies in his varied and vital discography. Coming on labels like Toolroom, Hypercolour, Tsuba and 20: 20 Vision, it includes many club hits and plenty of handy DJ weapons, but also an ambitious and widescreen debut album on Aus Music.

Always refusing to stay in one sonic niche for too long, Huxley—whether working solo or with close friends like Sam Russo or Ethyl—switches up his sound, tries new things and colors outside the lines with every new outing. Not afraid of a big hook or slaying bassline, he is an artist who unites a variety of sounds, styles and scenes with ease, and always proves as fun as he is well informed.

As a DJ, Huxley is someone as comfortable headlining a vast festival stage as he is holding down a small and sweaty basement. He does so from Africa to Australia and is the sort of selector who always delivers a slick, high impact dose of the good stuff.

In his course for Toolroom Academy, Huxley shows you his workflow building a tech-house track from scratch that exemplifies the best parts of the genre, but gives you the tools and techniques to explore to find your own sound all the while using tricks that are sure to take your productions to a new level.

DAW: Logic Pro X

Total Runtime: 2 hrs 15 mins