Ellis Deconstructs “Brand New Phone” TUTORIAL

Ellis Deconstructs "Brand New Phone" TUTORIAL

Track Deconstruction “Brand New Phone” with  Ellis TUTORIAL

In this exclusive course for us, in partnership with Monstercat, Ellis dissects his entire production process for his track “Brand New Phone.”

After playing the bass guitar in a band for years, the 21-year-old ellis moved into electronic music back in 2016 for the purpose of creating and writing his own music and songs. the London based producer and musician grew to learn how to play the decks next to his bass guitar.

Ellis quickly made a name for himself within the wider electronic house scene, with steady releases like “Clear My Head” and his viral remix of Ed Sheeran’s “shape of you” stacking over 70 million total views on youtube today. The young producer and musician is working hard to share his music across the global electronic scene putting forth one strong production after another characterized by catchy top-lines, engaging bass lines and funky drops.

With official remixes for the likes of Lost Frequencies, James Blunt, Zedd & Katy Perry, NOTD and most recent his official remix of Lady Gaga’s “Stupid Love,” Ellis puts forward only the best of the best in electronic music.

Influences by music from early 2000’s such as Zero 7 to modern day influences like Madeon combined with an increase in studio sessions & productions with and for songwriters and musicians across Europe, have resulted in a new emphasis on funk, musicality and indie influences in his sound. Ellis released his debut EP “recollection perspective” this past August.

Total runtime: 1hr 24mins
DAW: Logic Pro

  • Intro + Bass
    Starting with the bass line, Ellis explains how the track began by analyzing the channel strip of the very first element.
  • Chorus + Drums
    Next is a focus on the instruments that make up the chorus including the drums.
  • Second Verse
    Ellis gives us a look at the sounds and samples used during the verse sections.
  • Prechorus
    In this chapter, Ellis shows us the pre-chorus instruments and effects processing chain.
  • Drop + Strings
    Ellis unpacks the string section alongside some percussion giving us the details on these two parts.
  • The Middle 8 Section
    Ellis shows us his filtering techniques to add depth and sheen to the middle section of the track.
  • The Ting
    Let’s talk about the ting. Learn what this is and how it is used in the track.
  • Ableton Basic Vocals
    Ellis shows how he mixes the vocal in AbletonvLive.
  • Logic Effects + Editing
    In the final chapter, Ellis shows us his vocal editing and effects processing using Logic Pro.