ProjectSAM True Strike 1 v2.1 KONTAKT

ProjectSAM True Strike 1 v2.0 KONTAKT

ProjectSAM True Strike 1 v2.1 KONTAKT

True Strike 1 Update 2.1 offers a number of new features and bug fixes compared to Update 2.0.

ProjectSAM’s acclaimed True Strike library holds the original orchestral percussion libraries of choice for film, tv and game composers who require cinematic, powerful percussion samples.

2021 Re-issue
Experience the fully updated 2021 2.0 re-issue of True Strike.

Get the classic and acclaimed orchestral percussion sound in a brand-new interface offering a ton of new features:

  •  All-in-one browser
  •  Positioning stage
  •  Extensive articulation & mapping control
  •  Adaptive Sync for crescendo rolls
  •  New kits
  •  NKS
  •  And much more



  •  Single hits
  •  Looped tremolos
  •  Crescendo rolls
  •  Special effects


  •  Orchestral percussion kit
  •  Orchestral snares and drums kit

Drums and Toms:

  •  Bongos and congas
  •  Gran cassa
  •  Tutti hits (gran cassa with low timpani)
  •  Snare drum
  •  Snare ensemble
  •  Timbales
  •  Tom toms
  •  Rototoms

Cymbals and gongs:

  •  Concert cymbals
  •  Suspended cymbals
  •  Tam tam
  •  Wind gong

Melodic percussion:

  •  Celesta
  •  Crotales
  •  Glockenspiel
  •  Marimba
  •  Tubular bells
  •  Vibraphone
  •  Xylophone

Small percussion:

  •  Chimes
  •  Belltree
  •  Cowbells
  •  Tambourine
  •  Beatring
  •  Triangle
  •  Wood blocks
  •  Temple blocks
  •  Various small percussion

Miscellaneous percussion:

  •  Body percussion
  •  Brakes and pans
  •  Claps and snaps
  •  Thai gongs
  •  Trash and metal hits


  • NEW: Keyswitching between mixer slots (automatically soloes selected slot)
  • NEW: Direct CC control of Mic Distance and Panning
  • NEW: Release trail dynamic control
  • NEW: Option to pin the library browser
  • FIXED: Ring/Damp switching using controller now works correctly
  • FIXED: Shift+click to multi-select sounds now works correctly
  • FIXED: Mic Distance and Panning automation IDs can now be controlled simultaneously
  • FIXED: Velocity gate in Mapping view is now functional
  • FIXED: CC7 is now routed to main Kontakt instrument volume by default
  • FIXED: Various tiny bugs


Demo Preview: