Cinematic Synthesis: Digital Sound Creation Course

Cinematic Synthesis: Digital Sound Creation Course

Cinematic Synthesis: Digital Sound Creation Course

Cinematic Synthesis: Digital Sound Creation – Everything you need to know about synthesizing, modeling and mixing cinematic sounds.

Your days of cluelessly searching through synth presets are over.

Step into the world of custom cinematic synthesis.

Cinematic Synthesis: Digital Sound Creation will take you from being mystified by synths, to being able to create any sound that you hear in your head with any synthesizer, and featuring them seamlessly in your cinematic tracks and scores.

But this is not your standard EDM synth course. Instead, through this 8 hour video course, we’re gonna look at how to create the type of badass, monumental synth sounds that would make your tracks feel home in epic scores for games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield or movies like Dunkirk and Blade Runner 2049 – completely from scratch.

This course is for you, if you:

  • Open synths like Massive and Serum just to browse through presets for ages, but settling on something that’s not even close to what you had in mind.
  • Feel overwhelmed and confused by the seemingly complex features, possibilities and layouts of the different synths out there.
  • Often find presets you kinda’ like, but have no idea how to tweak them perfectly to your liking.
  • Struggle with mixing in your synth sounds into orchestral or cinematic cues, so they fit seamlessly


Mastering The Basics

We’ll start by looking at the main components and features of modern synths, like oscillators, filters, envelopes and LFOs – and how to use them to create sounds like plucks, basses, drones, braams, risers, pulses, arpeggiated textures and much more. 100% from an initialized patch.

After these modules, you’ll be comfortable creating any kind of sound from scratch using the basic features of common synths, thus eliminating your need to browse presets ever again.

Diving Deeper

After mastering the basics, we’ll go through more advanced techniques like FM synthesis, using custom wavetables and funky modulation techniques, to make truly fresh and unique sounds that will take your tracks to a new level and turning yourself into a true synthesis ninja.

Writing A Hybrid Track

But I won’t leave you hanging!
When you’re comfortable making different badass custom sounds, I’ll show you how to take your newly created patches and sounds and make a killer hybrid track, featuring orchestral and electronic elements.

Mixing and Mastering

Finally, we will wrap up the course by showing you how to truly nail the mixing and mastering stage of a hybrid cinematic track, with tons of great mixing advice, tips and tricks, leaving you with a fully completed track featuring your very own custom synth sounds. All made from scratch.


Samples and Presets made by BigJerr, a custom Evenant Serum Skin, and Stems and MIDI for the course track