Epic Stock Media Mobile Game 2 WAV

Epic Stock Media Mobile Game 2 WAV

Epic Stock Media Mobile Game 2 WAV

‘Mobile Game 2’ by Epic Stock Media lets you reach the highest levels in professional gameplay sound and audio engagement. This is a dynamic collection of 500 Royalty-Free game sound effects inspired by top selling app-game hits like Candy Crush and Angry Birds.

Attention motion graphics people, game developers, app developers, and creative remix engineers! It’s time to take advantage of the latest hot professional gameplay sound effects collection from Epic Stock Media. They’ve done all the heavy lifting for you by organising the sounds into familiar gamer categories. Plus, there’s ample audio file metadata to help you find the right sounds fast.

Sounds are pre-mixed and mastered and they’re instantly ready to use out of the box. That means you’ll save tons of health and power cycles before you need to recharge your audio creativity.

All Royalty-Free, it’s easier than ever to add professionally produced sound effects to your important audio project. All designed to make your life easier and production workflow faster. Market leading quality and creativity are at your fingertips. Unquestionable value, ‘Mobile Game 2’ is ready to download today.

Product Details:

  •  539 Mixed & Mastered Audio Files
  •  Companion pack for ‘Mobile Game’
  •  96kHz/24-Bit WAV File Format
  •  Includes Soundminer Metadata
  •  17 minutes Of Pure Game & Animation Sound
  •  50 Cooking & Crafting – Building Tools, Upgrades, Position, Success, Inventory, Opens, Repair & More
  •  90 Game Actions Like Cartoon Catapult, Acid Trap, Gas Bubble, Robot Spawn, Spike Trap, Wooden Lever
  •  50 Melodic Stingers & Stabs
  •  99 Menu & UI/UX – Tonal Designed & Organic FX
  •  50 Musical Motifs – Defeat, Victory, Bonus, Quest Complete, Logo Splash Screen, Positive/Negative Notifications & Affirmations
  •  130 Pick Ups – Items, Health, Box Break, Bonuses, Coins, Specials, Tech Collects, Electrons, Runes, Potion, Loot, Jewel, Bell, Squish & More
  •  70 Power Ups & Downs – Perfect For Specials, Buffs, Booster, Instant Spells, & SFX
  •  100% Royalty-Free


Demo Preview: